The Meaning of Satnam

Hello. It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to our beautiful Villas. We designed these villas in 2012 with love and passion for architecture and for the beautiful land of the God's - Bali. Bali opened up many doors for us and we are so pleased to offer this part of our journey to you!

The meaning of Satnam is a very integral part of our journey.

'Sat' means truth--the quality of God and 'nam' means name. Together, the spiritual meaning is true being as in the truth of God, or divine essence.

The word Satnam came to us from a beautiful mantra we first heard while practicing yoga together in Bali. The mantra called Satnam Kaur is named after the kundalini princess of awareness. Together, our spiritual journey and the symbolism of Satnam form the essence of our Villas.

We truly hope you will join us.